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panama qualified investor visa

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About the Panama Qualified Investor Visa

The Panama qualified Investor visa in Panama is the easiest and fastest way to obtain residence, less than 30 days!

Investors have the following options to apply:

  1. Real Estate: Invest US$300,000 (Valid until October 2024) and US$500,000 afterward.
  2. Real Estate projects in pre-sale: sign a purchase and sale contract for the sum of US$500,000 or more, free of liens.
  3. Investment in the Panamanian Stock Market: Purchase securities through a qualified and licensed Panamanian brokerage firm, for US$500,000 or more.
  4. Open a time deposit of US$750,000 or more in a Panamanian bank.

Process and requirements

  • Letter of accountability for these dependents.
  • Proof of ties between the applicant and each dependent.
  • Proof of address – applicant and dependent must live in the same address.
  • If the dependent is 18 years old or more, single status and student status certificate.

The investment must be maintained for a minimum of five (5) years which will be verified annually by every competent authority.


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