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Multiple Entry Visa is required by any foreigner that has a residency application pending of approval, and intends to travel abroad during that timeframe. A temporary resident that leaves the country without having that visa, will be fined for USD $2,000.00. 

Upon approval, you can stay in the country for as long as you decide. If you leave, it is important to visit back the country at least once every two years, so that your residency may not be subject to revocation.

The criminal Record is good up to six months, unless the document itself specifically states differently. The health certificate issued in Panama is good for ninety days. The bank reference letter is good for thirty days. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, and retirement letters are valid for 6 months.

Usually at least five (5) business days are required, but eight (8) to ten (10) days are recommended:

  • One day to get the current passport notarized
  • One day to do the registration at Immigration
  • One day to apply for the residency, and for the multiple entry visa
  • Two more days to be granted the multiple entry visa

Foreigners are allowed to drive with their foreign license, up to 90 days only, nonetheless, once they apply for residency, they are no longer allowed to drive with it, as they will be requested to obtain a driver’s license from Panama.

Yes, foreigners with this work permit, with a minimum salary of B/. 850, and with at least 2 previous extensions, can request permanent residency. (Decreto ejecutivo 229 de 2013)