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We help Entrepeneurs and investors create bespoke strategies to diversify and protect their assets in Panama.

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Since 2012

How It Works

Create Wealth in Panama, enhance your freedom and options in 3 simple Steps.


Book a Zoom Call with us, so we get to know your specific needs.


Let´s build together a plan to help you grow your business and assets.

Take Action

Implement the plan step by step. This includes offshore companies, second residences and private banking.


We work with successful investors and entrepreneurs


Looking to diversify and protect their assets in a safe jurisdiction away from economic and political uncertainty.

Investors and Real Estate

Buy personal and investment real estate with with confidence we take care of everything for you

Meet Henry Ferguson

Senior Attorney.

If you are striving to create more wealth, have a personal plan b, and have more freedom then our team can definitely help you.

Some of our background includes:

* Graduated from the University of Panama

* Before starting our firm, worked at a Real Estate Developer economic group.

* Specialized in Wealth Management and AML Compliance

* 10 plus years of experience serving local and international clients in business and investing.

About our team:
* Connection with Real Estate and Private Banking institutions at the service of our clients.

* 10 years of law practice in Panama Jurisdiction

* Specialized teams in immigration and real estate law.

About me:

* Proud Father

* Past 7 years actively helping people with Active 20-30 of Panama Charity Organization.


Henry Ferguson Panama

When you want to create more wealth and have a personal plan B, most of what you need is help and guidance from a team who has “been there and done that!” with Asset protection and investing.

We have everything you need to help you create more wealth, have a personal plan b, and more freedom!